Investing in the market is similar to investing in yourself,
without risk there is little reward.

You’ve been able to get where you are today based on your own merit.

You’re ready to get to the next level financially, but you don’t know where to start.


  • If you’re working to get your head above water, or if you’re already making ends meet - the health of your financial house is essential to your success.

  • You know the importance of growing your wealth, but confusing jargon and complex financial processes leave your head spinning.

  • You don’t want to make a bad choice; the consequences could be dire for you and your family.

  • It’s no wonder people flock to financial advisors, but how do you know who to trust?

You work hard for your money and your money should be your business. But how often do you leave important decisions in the hands of CPA, financial advisors, and other “experts”, who don’t help you understand where you’re investing your hard earned money?


It’s time to take control of your financial life.

Financial advisors are there to do precisely that - advise, but you can’t let them run the show because you don’t know how to read your financial statements on your own.

Confidence in your financial decisions is possible. You just need to learn the basics.

Make smart financial decisions with:
lead by Amy Novakovich, CFP(R), CRPC(R)

This course is your virtual, private wealth manager - designed to help you achieve your financial goals.

The Nova Wealth Investment Master Class allows you to individualize your education and answer your biggest financial questions. This easy to understand video series isn’t loaded with confusing industry jargon. You’ll learn everything you need to know to keep up with your finances, in a simple, no-nonsense way.

You need to start off with some ammunition in your pocket. Don’t be caught off guard when it comes to your hard earned money.

Enrollment is now open for The Nova Wealth Investment Master Class Course Package!

Get access to (7) comprehensive financial education courses, lead by private wealth manager, Amy Novakovich.


Amy Novakovich and her husband James co-founded Nova Wealth Management in order to give clients a truly unique experience with financial planning and offer actionable, understandable, individualized advice. Amy stands by her philosophy that, "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest," which is exactly why they created this program. Amy has dedicated her work to empowering the individual to take control of their finances and change their relationship with their money. Focused around the needs of families and individuals, their mission is centered on achieving precise financial goals with the determination to ensure their clients feel secure and comfortable with their investments.

The Nova Wealth Investment Master Class Series will give you the edge to take your money management skills to the next level, and ensure your comfort and confidence along the way. With this course, you won’t need to rely on a stranger to handle your financial house. When you educate yourself on your investments, you can make confident decisions from a place of security every single time. This program will give you the freedom to know exactly what you’re getting into and help you to build the strategy that best suits you and your family.

The Nova Wealth Investment Master Class

(7) Course Package


  • You’re making decent money and pretty responsible with your income. But you are clueless when it comes to investing to build wealth. You might even have some investments already, but you couldn’t read your financial statements to save your life.

  • This video series will teach you the basics of investing so you can get started on creating a solid portfolio you actually understand. This is your beginners guide to creating real assets.

EQUITIES - 10 Video Modules

  • So, you own something, but what are equities really?

  • This series will teach you exactly what equities are, how not to make assumptions about what makes a good equity investment, the risks and how they can help boost your portfolio.

MUTUAL FUNDS AND ETFS - 15 Video Modules

  • Dispel your misconceptions about what’s actually in your mutual fund. If you think your investments are conservative and secure, this course will help you dig deeper and discover if you own is safe or risky.

  • Learn what constitutes a good mutual fund and how to manage what you own strategically and effectively.

BONDS - 11 Video Modules

  • It’s likely you’ve been told that bonds are a safe bet. But, with interest rates rising, your bonds take on risks you may not even realize.

  • This series will get you up to speed on the current interest rate environment and show you that bonds aren’t as risk averse as they once were.

OPTIONS - 9 Video Modules

  • You’ve got some experience investing your money and you’re willing to take risks. Or, you’re retiring, and you need to live off your investments from now on. Either way, this series has you covered.

  • Learn what your independent advisor won’t tell you about options and get the information we only share with our private clients.

ANNUITIES - 11 Video Modules

  • If you currently own an annuity and want to understand the details, or if you’re being sold an annuity and want to understand what you’ve buying, you’re in the right place. If you’ve ever worried that you’re going to outlive your money, you need this course.

  • Learn the annuity sweet spot and discover if you could benefit from an annuity or if it’s a risk to your financial solidarity.

ALL ABOUT DEBT - 8 Video Modules

  • You’re living paycheck to paycheck. Saving money is nearly impossible. Planning for your financial future isn’t even on the table.

  • This course will teach you the basics of budgeting and help relieve the tension between you and your bank account. Learn concrete tools to help you stick to your budget and set the foundation for your long term financial goals.

Each course will give you:

  • Clear breakdown of complex concepts and the questions you need to ask to help you get the best deal out of your investments

  • Real life examples with each module, so you’ll know how to apply each new type of investment in the real world and see if it fits with your lifestyle and needs

  • You’ll learn the why and how of your money, so you’re not left in the dark with your investments. Unlike other money managers that tell you to cough it up and sit back, this program gives you the knowledge to make your own money decisions with more confidence.


You deserve to know how your investments are helping you and the ways you can help achieve your financial goals with clarity. Sign up below to start your journey into investment basics... your future will thank you for it. You will never look back and say, “I wish I would have known less”, or “I wish I would have saved less.”

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