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At Nova Wealth Management, it is our desire to help you navigate through all of life's financial phases, helping you to aspire, acquire, and retire.

There is no "one size fits all" in investing. Every individual is different, therefore, exposed to different risks, so financial advice has to be personalized. Traditional financial planning covers all the basics of where you want to be in the near, intermediate, and distant future, BUT what happens when life throws a curve ball?


There is always something in the market, something in the economy, something in life that can throw your financial plan off track. To prepare for the unknowns in life, it takes a dedicated advisor that knows your personality, history, needs, risks, health, and lifestyle. Our job is to help you find a suitable path and to stay on track. Nova Wealth Management, Inc. is comprised of financial professionals working as a team for almost two decades Nationwide.

Our passion is planning and our purpose is you.

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